OSHA Releases Additional Temporary Worker Initiative Bulletins (TRN Update)


From Cliff Gerbick, CSP (The Reserves Network Director of Safety)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released two additional bulletins in conjunction with their ongoing Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI).  The TWI was started in April of 2013 and focuses on both temporary staffing agencies and those employers that utilize a temporary employees (host employers).  The TWI focuses on clarifying safety and health responsibilities within the temporary staffing agency and host employer relationship.  OSHA views this relationship as a co-employment situation and therefore both parties are responsible for safety and health.

The two bulletins released on March 13, 2015 provide information on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Whistleblower Protection Rights. The content of the bulletins does not create any new regulation, it only serves to clarify current OSHA Standards and provide guidance.  OSHA is encouraging both temporary staffing agencies and host employees to spell out safety and health obligations in writing so no items are overlooked and all employees, regardless of whether they are full time or temporary, receive the same guarantee of a safe and healthful workplace.

OSHA has previously released a TWI Bulletin that focused on Recordkeeping and a Recommended Practices PDF that serves as general guidelines.

All of the OSHA published materials regarding the TWI can be found by (clicking here).

CLIFFGERBICKBLOGCliff Gerbick is the Director of Safety for The Reserves Network, a provider of “Total Staffing Solutions” in the office, industrial, professional and technical markets. To contact Cliff, email cgerbick@TRNstaffing.com.


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The Reserves Network (TRN) is a family-owned, privately-held company that opened its doors in 1984. We have created a rich history of bringing employees and companies together by providing “Total Staffing Solutions.” Our office teams work with thousands of customers and job seekers offering Temporary, Temporary-to-Hire and Direct Hire placements to the Office, Industrial, Professional and Technical markets. Headquartered in Fairview Park, Ohio, the provider of "Total Staffing Solutions" has won multiple honors for outstanding sales growth and management excellence. System-wide, along with our Specialty Groups, TRN works with over 1,000 active customers in a multitude of industries and places nearly 20,000 employees annually at more than 40 operating locations throughout Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. For more information on The Reserves Network visit www.TRNstaffing.com

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